A quick 4 day trip to San Fran, a little work and R&R

As a community manager there’s nothing more I love than spending time with other CM’s, learning new tricks and sharing best practices which is why I’m so active in the Lithium Community. I guess I've been a member of their community for about 3 years now however last year they invited me to join their Stars programme as a “Rockstar” which let’s face it couldn't be a more fitting description of me, Yeah right….

So what's a Lithium Rockstar?

Super users are defined differently from one community to the next but essentially they are the top contributors in a community, here’s how Lithium classify their Rockstar’s:

“Rockstars are exceptional individuals who make up the top 1% in the Star Scoring system. They are Lithium Certified, have a unique perspective on building successful online communities and go above & beyond to assist other Lithium community members.”

Last October I headed over to the Lithium HQ in San Fran where I spent 3 days with product managers, developers and a whole host of other folk but the highlight was spending time with other Stars, checkout the following video to meet the rest of us.

Untitled photo

Obviously no trip to San Francisco would be complete without a little site seeing, I think I may have eaten my weight in seafood on Pier39, OMG was that amazing, be sure to check out my San Francisco snaps.

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