A quick 4 day trip to San Fran, a little work and R&R

A little about me...

About 10 years ago I discovered the world of forums and the mostly unknown world of Community Management. I guess my passion in this area started when I too sought help on forums and message boards as well as helping others, from getting your first Kudos to seeing how people interacted online I knew this was the job for me.

To say I'm passionate and uber excited about Community management would be an under statement. It's not just a job its a way of life where everyday you learn something new or meet a unique individual with a story to tell. Whilst being the most challenging role I've yet to undertake its also the most rewarding and one I hope to do till the end…

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Over the years, I’ve built communities from the ground up, managed platform migrations, defined and executed growth & engagement strategies working with most of the main forum and community platforms such as phpBB, Vanilla, myBB, Get Satisfaction, Salesforce, vBulletin and Lithium. As a Lithium certified Community Manager and one of 3 global “Rockstar” Super Users, It’s no surprise Lithium is my preferred platform to work with.

I’m currently working as the Senior Engagement & Content Manager for a UK Telco however i’m always looking for opportunities, ways to help and share experiences with other CM’s, so be sure to drop me a line. When I'm not working or catching up with my fellow CM’s I love to take a few snaps with my trusty Nikon. Now… Lets get one thing out the way, I’m no David Bailey but I do love sharing my favourite snaps, there no work of art but it keeps me busy.

Aside from photography, I love to travel “Got to have a couple trips each year” I’m a bit of a foodie and love all things Nissan, Nikon & Apple. Anyone who knows me will testify I'm a massive fanboy to these three brands and proud of it. Lastly but by no means least, I adore my parents and better half Michelle who’s been telling me what to do for the past 6 years now and our daughter “cough…” i mean our daughter/dog Maisy the cutest Yorkshire Terrier that every lived, Yeah i can say that she’s my child :)

Dream Job… 

I guess doing what I love for who I love would be my answer, Head of Community at Tesla will do :)

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"An about me wouldn't be complete without my little mischievous Maisy getting involved" 

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